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Voice Search: Discover How It Influences The SEO of Your Website

The internet search landscape has changed radically in a decade. The path that Google and Siri opened when they surprised the world with voice search, has gone far beyond phones and computers. Today, this type of search is the mainstay of virtual voice assistants, such as Alexa, Google Home, or Cortana.

The reality is undeniable. Voice searches have not stopped increasing, even drenching the territory of sales. Now, therefore, is the time to position ourselves in this new reality and prepare an omnichannel strategy that we can implement in our e-commerce.

But, before we get to the trouble with the ins and outs of voice search, we have to remember that this new trend has brought about a major change: The requirements of organic positioning (SEO) are transforming.

How voice search works

Most likely you already know the Google search engine by voice and have even heard someone making a statement similar to “OK Google, is it going to rain tomorrow?” This is the magic of voice search, as it allows users the ability to search for information through voice commands with their smartphone, computer, or virtual assistant.

But, as we have seen in the previous example, voice searches are based on questions and answers, unlike traditional searches. In other words, we no longer need to enter “Bilbao weather” on the keyboard, but we can ask “is it going to rain in Bilbao?”. This is, without a doubt, a new way of understanding SEO and content creation.

How voice search affects the results displayed

Voice search has had a strong impact on search engine optimization. However, most of the content found on the Internet is focused on written searches and, as we well know, these make use of a language very different from that of oral communication.

For the browser to process the voice command, it must use algorithms. Google has already done many algorithm renovations, including the BERT update. With this change, the seeker is trying to interpret language in a more natural way, just as it is done in oral communication.

Optimizing my site for voice searches

As we know, good use of the right words can mean the difference between success and a setback. For this same reason, we must know how to optimize our site and use the necessary keywords for the user to reach our page. Next, we are going to see some tips to optimize our website according to the growing trend of voice search.

Use longtails

Users tend to be more concise when writing than when speaking. It is for this reason that longtail keywords  (made up of more than one word) are gaining ground. In other words, the user will no longer search for “Bilbao weather”, but will ask “what is the weather forecast in Bilbao”.

Optimize your content with new keywords

As we have just seen in the previous point, the searches have changed. That is why we must consider doing research on the keywords that are on the rise. Our advice is to create conversational Q&A style content that includes the words “what”, “where”, “which”, “when”, “how” or “why”. In addition, we recommend making use of punctuation, question, and exclamation marks, as attendees have the ability to identify them.

Optimize your content for local searches

It is very common for users to make use of voice searches when they are away from home and need to find a certain service. For this reason, it is essential that we optimize our website for local searches, in addition to that we must add our company to Google My Business and update our data and schedules.

Create useful content for the user

When we use a virtual assistant to request information, we only receive one response. Therefore, if we want to be the first option for the search engine, we have the obligation to create content that responds to the user’s needs.

Make a website accessible

Obviously, having a mobile-friendly website is not an option today. It is a must since most voice searches are carried out through mobile devices.

Order your website and make it readable

We must also ensure that our website is readable so that the search engine can index. On the other hand, if you have an e-commerce, we recommend that you order your products by category. Virtual voice assistants tend to identify voices, so if a man searches for a shoe store, the assistant will give him the information for the men’s shoe category.

Voice search has changed the landscape, especially with the introduction of virtual assistants into the market. If we do not want to be left behind, it is time to get ahead of our competition and optimize the SEO of our page to voice search. Do you want to improve this and other aspects of the SEO of your website? At SEOestudios we are experts in organic search engine positioning. We will develop a tailored strategy for your site!



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