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10 Types of Content to Generate Visits and Customers Online

Before showing the relation types of content 2.0, we highlight the importance of SEO in any content marketing strategy.

SEO is the foundation of almost any activity on the Internet aimed at generating traffic to your website. Not only your website but all types of content (or 90%) should be optimized for positioning on Google. Choose the keywords well and optimize the contents.

Do not forget that you must also optimize your social profiles. Check if your company’s biography or information contains the keywords by which you want to position your business.

What is valuable content?

It’s about making valuable content for your customers, don’t talk about yourself, respond to:

  • FAQs: the questions that your clients usually ask you.
  • SAQs: the questions that your customers should ask but do not have enough knowledge to ask them.

4 Objectives of Content

  • Recruitment: Attract visits to your website or your blog.
  • Conversion: Get that traffic to your website to become lead, leaving your data.
  • Sale: Get those leads to finally become customers.
  • Loyalty: Get your current customers, potential customers (leads), or simply visitors to your website speak well about your brand, your products, or services.

You will have to use content in the different phases of the so-called conversion funnel, in order to attract a potential customer who still does not know you, leave your data, end up buying you, and even speaking well of you.

10 Types of content

Let’s see 1st way to attract traffic to your website and get leads and customers.

1. Blog

It is a powerful tool to reach your target customers with much more force than your website and attract them to your website which is where you can “sell” your products/services.

It combines:

  • Standard posts: approximately 300 words and
  • Premium posts: 1,000 words or more.

Dedicate an extra effort to promote the posted premium.

Capture “leads” through the blog. Take advantage of your ebook to give it to people who subscribe to your blog or newsletter.

2. E-Book

Write an ebook with exceptional content for your customers, something that you know from your professional experience that others don’t offer. It is not necessary to be a 100-page ebook, the important thing is that it is of great value, clear and useful.

Include it visibly on your website or blog so that visitors download it and in return leave your mail.

3. Newsletter

The Newsletter is the ideal complement to your blog post, videos, and infographics. It will give visibility of your content to visitors who already have loyalty: those leads to which you will periodically send valuable information that you are publishing and send it to you with the Newsletter.

4. Videos

Videos well optimized by keywords are usually positioned even better than blog posts. There are many contents that fit very well in a video:

  • Customer Testimonials
  • Video tutorials (How-to).
  • Interviews with industry leaders.
  • Video showing the backstage or inside your company.
  • Animated videos to highlight the competitive advantage of your product or service.

5. Infographics and images

Infographics are a kind of content that is not only appreciated by the general public but also by journalists and bloggers that can be done with your content in an infographic format, though, provided that the content as well as visually appealing has “substance” (the content of value).

Also get used to generate images for your text content, such as blog posts in various sizes adapted to the dimensions that are best viewed on the social networks you use. For example, these would be the ideal dimensions for the images you share on Facebook and Twitter (above all, take care of the dimensions of the images of your blog posts that you want to share on social networks):

  • The dimension of images for Facebook:
    • – 200 X 628 pixels: for images that you upload to your blog post and then share with your Facebook link.
    • – 200 x 1,200 pixels: for images that you share on Facebook.
  • Image dimension for Twitter:
    • – Minimum: x 220 pixels
    • – Maximum: 1024 x 512 pixels.

6. PDFs

If there are contents that can go in pdf, do it also in this format, they are usually positioned quite well. For certain posts or content, it offers the double content and downloadable pdf option (it also optimizes the pdf with keywords. You know: we are very heavy with the keywords!)

7. Presentations in Slideshare

Any presentation you use in Power-Point or similar format, upload it to SlideShare. Value the option of hiring the Premium service. You can get the data of people who download your presentations.

8. Webinars

It is one of our favorite tools to offer valuable content to people who have somehow already loyal through other types of content.

It is, along with some videos and the podcast, a type of content that carries with it a long-term exposure to potential clients. Build trust and credibility. Two excellent attributes to provoke the sale.

9. Alternative products:

Bonuses and offers, mobile applications, sector reports, survey results, etc., are other types of content that can be very interesting for your target audience.

10. Podcast

A podcast is a free audio file, which you can download and listen to on your computer or on an MP3 player. You can broadcast podcasts as if you had your own radio studio with very few resources. It’s about offering new content of interest to your target audience in a new format: audio.



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