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Top 10 Cooling pads for laptop in 2020

The main advantage of a compact laptop compared to a stationary personal computer is a fairly high level of mobility. However, a key drawback of such a technique is also associated with this – all internal elements are located close enough to each other, so it is not always possible to replace failed parts of this design. Over time, the elements begin to wear out, dust accumulates on them, as a result of which the laptop may begin to overheat. This problem should be solved using various external devices. Overheating is also dangerous for Laptop Battery life.

A special cooling pad for laptops have been on sale for quite some time, they are useful and very convenient to use. In stores you can find a significant range of these products, getting confused in such a huge amount is very simple. In order to help you with this problem, we decided to make a rating of the best cooling pad for a laptop in 2019. Before proceeding with the analysis of the beneficial qualities of each model included in our rating, let’s figure out what is most important when buying this gadget.

How to choose a cooling pad for a laptop?

This part, in essence, has two functions – it holds the computer in a position convenient for the user, which can significantly reduce the load on the eyes, shoulder girdle and neck, and also effectively cools its internal parts, thereby increasing its life.

This product will be most useful in a number of cases: the laptop itself becomes very hot regardless of the load, as a result of which it starts to freeze or works slowly. The temperature mode of operation of the computer is significantly exceeded, as it happens, for example, in the summer months. The stand is useful if the laptop is regularly on the bed or on your lap, it will be useful for fans of demanding computer games and so on.

compared to a laptop

When choosing a product, a number of parameters should be taken into account – the dimensions of the model and the type of cooling. It is desirable that the stand in size was slightly larger compared to a laptop: at the moment it will allow more efficient to remove excess heat, it will also hold the computer securely, not allowing it to slip. If the laptop along with Battery overheats regularly, then the stand will have to be carried along with it all the time, so the mass of the device will be another key parameter.

The material from which the case is made is also important – this will affect the duration of the stand itself. It is advisable to purchase products made of lightweight aluminum alloy, however, products made of high-strength plastic are also able to withstand significant physical stress. As a rule, fans act as cooling elements here, so you need to inquire about their power, diameter and quantity.

The traditional stand designed to cool the laptop is a special perforated platform, under which there are up to six fans. They pump cool air and feed it to the processor and the other element on which the overall temperature of the laptop depends.

When choosing products for inclusion in our rating, we took into account all the factors discussed above, however, we also relied on some other points – user reviews and value for money. We tried to include not too expensive models in the review so that each of our readers could choose the best product for themselves.

Top 10 best laptop cooling pad models



It is produced in several color options, so that the user can choose for his laptop more suitable in terms of style. This model is characterized by a solid foundation of increased strength, which will reliably support the computer in a predetermined position, on the front side there is a metal mesh that conducts heat well through itself, so the efficiency of the cooling process becomes even higher.

The device has a fairly bright panel, which has a very attractive appearance. The front side is made of high quality metal, which was very carefully polished during the manufacturing process. The base is made of reliable plastic of increased strength, which even the new one does not have an external smell, is absolutely environmentally friendly.

The stand has two tilt angles: one of them is designed to provide the most efficient cooling, the other creates optimal working conditions, significantly reduces the load on the user’s spine. There is reliable protection against slipping of a personal computer, so you can not be afraid that he will move in the process.

The stand is connected to the laptop using an ordinary USB 2.0 connector, the cable is not too long, it has a special niche for storage, so it is not damaged during regular transportation. The fan speed can be adjusted if necessary, for this a special button is provided. In weak mode, it works almost silently.


Original appearance, available in several color options;
Long period of operation;
Several operating modes;
There is a non-slip coating;
It cools the computer as efficiently as possible;
High-quality workmanship and assembly.


Pretty heavy products, not very convenient to carry with you all the time.

3. Stand ORICO NA15

It is made of high-quality stamped aluminum, and no seams, scratches and other surface defects were found during the testing process. This stand is made by a not-so-well-known Chinese company, but this did not affect the overall quality of the product, its efficiency and service life.

There are rubber feet with stiffeners here, which allows even a laptop with a display diagonal of 15.6 inches to get up quite firmly, not to slip and not to slide downhill. The fan noise is about the same as the cooling system of the laptop itself, but it works pretty well. This product functions by connecting to a laptop via USB. The case itself conducts heat excellently, does not heat up at all during operation, and the air leaving the laptop

There are two reliable fans, which, if necessary, can be rearranged so that they supply cool air to the most heated places on the laptop. The impeller diameter is 80 mm, the maximum fan speed can reach 2000 rpm – a very decent indicator for similar devices.


Excellent production quality;
The location of the fans can be changed depending on the needs;
Carefully designed functionality;
High fan speed.


Decent cost.


A very original product in terms of functionality: the entire stand is divided into four zones, each of which has its own built-in fan, which ensures efficient cooling of the laptop. The front side is a prefabricated structure, which is made of four sheets of anodized aluminum, capable of perfectly dissipating excess heat.

It is painted black, which gives it additional style and attractiveness – such a stand can easily fit into the interior of an office or home office. In addition, it does not weigh very much, so it is convenient to carry it with the laptop itself. All fans blow in different directions, so absolutely all the heating points will be cooled.

The air flow is quite powerful, it will not leave a single blind spot. In total, four stand operation modes are provided: absolutely all fans are on; only the top two are functioning, only the bottom two are working, or are they all disabled.

In the lower part of the device you can find folding legs equipped with pads made of high-quality silicone. The design is thought out in such a way that a powerful vertical flow will be formed, allowing very quickly to remove the entire amount of excess heat.

There are two USB sockets here – one is used to power the stand, through the second you can connect external memory sources, charge mobile devices and so on. The tilt changes very easily, so the user can provide the optimal viewing angle of the screen.


Many operating modes;
There are four built-in fans;
Original appearance;
An additional USB port is provided;
The legs are not rubber, but plastic with silicone pads.


Cleaning from dust is not as easy as it might seem at first glance.


The product is characterized by a minimalist design, which manifests itself literally in all elements of the product. The front side is made of a rectangular metal plate, the thickness of which is a little more than 1 m. The wide edge is slightly bent in the form of the letter U. Users note that this product is very practical and easy to use. Anodized aluminum is chosen as the material here, so there is no need to fear that the product will not be able to support the weight of the laptop.

The front side is a little rough, so it has high anti-slip characteristics, it is very pleasant to the touch. The entire surface is covered with holes whose diameter is 4 mm. This ensures passive cooling by venting. From the wide ends are provided and long slots,

The stand rests on rubber feet, which can be laid not only on the table, but also on a chair, sofa or bed. She will not move out, on the contrary, she will keep the laptop in the most convenient position. The only thing you have to be careful with the laptop itself, since there is a chance to scratch it on the surface of the metal. The computer will not burn your knees or fingers, even with heavy workload. The product is completely picky about the working conditions.


Suitable for any laptops whose display diagonal is not more than 15.6 inches;
The design is very reliable and durable;
Does not need food;
It is completely silent;
Perfect for any type of laptop use.


No fan provided.


As most users note, the design of this stand is extremely concise, but this does not affect the efficiency of the device. Here, all the elements are located as practical as possible, and the model itself is very convenient to use. The product is produced in two color options – classic black and noble white. As the main material here, a reliable plastic of increased strength is used, which has a very pleasant texture.

Overall dimensions of the product are 384×312 mm. According to the manufacturer, the stand will be very suitable for laptops with a display diagonal of between 10-17 inches. For maximum convenience, the products are equipped with a slight slope, due to which the fatigue of the hands will be much reduced even with prolonged use of the computer.

The entire upper surface is hidden behind a decorative grille, under which there is a powerful fan. On the back there are several USB ports and a fan speed switch. On sale you can find a modification where there are immediately 4 USB ports, which greatly improves the usability of the equipment.

For reliable cooling, a fan is used here, the diameter of which is 200 mm. The maximum speed of rotation of this part is 600 rpm – not too much, but with this size it is enough to create an effective system of additional cooling. The device is not very noisy.


Low weight of the device;
High build quality and materials;
It works almost silently;
Can be used as a hub;
Attractive appearance.


For gaming laptops, the device’s power will be clearly not enough to create a complete system of additional cooling.

7. ESPADA 336

This is not just a stand, but a real miniature computer table with an equipped cooling system. The model can be used for netbooks and laptops, the display diagonal of which is in the range from 10 to 15 inches. Folding legs are provided here, if desired, the angle of inclination of the countertop can be changed. In addition, there is a special stand for convenient work with the mouse, there is a cup holder.

The whole structure is completely collapsible, it does not weigh very much, so it is quite convenient to take it with you on business trips and trips. The whole structure is made of aluminum of increased strength, so you can not be afraid to damage it. The angle of inclination is adjustable depending on the user’s position. The length of the legs is also adjustable, so it will be very convenient to work with a laptop while, say, in an armchair or on a sofa.

There is additional space for the mouse, if necessary, it can be folded to reduce the size of the product. This detail allows you to use not only the touchpad in the process of work or game. The cup holder reliably protects the laptop from the likelihood of any kind of liquid getting on it. A fan is not provided here, the cooling is extremely passive, however, to work with simple programs or visit the sites of this equipment will be enough to reliably protect the laptop from overheating.


Made of high quality aluminum;
You can change the position of the countertops, adjust the length of the legs;
There is a cup holder and a kind of mouse pad;
It is convenient to use while in an armchair or on a bed.


There is no fan, so it’s impossible to cool the laptop as efficiently as possible.


So we got to the top three in our rating of the best cooling pad for a laptop. The products are made mainly of durable plastic, the front side is a metal grill made of anodized aluminum. The main difference from all the models that were previously considered is the presence of eight fans at once, which have a decent speed of rotation. It can reach 1100 rpm, adjustable if necessary.

The diameter of each fan is 70 mm – it is enough to reliably cool a laptop with a display diagonal of up to 17 inches. The device is powered via USB, and the cable is removable, which greatly facilitates the transportation and storage of products. Overall dimensions are small – 350x260x25 mm,

The design is classic, manufacturers did not add any frills, but this did not affect the functionality at all. The angle of inclination is adjusted if necessary. The entire underside of the laptop is cooled, not a single square centimeter of area is missed, so this product is perfect for working with game models. The service life is quite significant, since the model has a high level of strength.


A large number of fans of decent power;
Perfect for even larger laptops;
Provides excellent active cooling of the device;
Reasonable cost, good workmanship and assembly.


At first, the smell of the new plastic will be felt, but literally in a week it will completely disappear.


It is made of reliable plastic, a rigid metal frame, there are also rubber elements. The steel frame is a rod bent in a special way, so it will form the boundaries of the stand itself, and also be responsible for its angle of inclination. All other product details are attached directly to it.

Bushings made of rubber are fixed in four places, due to them the stand will fit snugly to the surface of the base, the laptop will not slip on it either. These bushings are fixed very reliably, even over time they will not begin to ride the rod. The fan unit includes two standard axial fans, each of which houses an electric motor. The blades are made of soft plastic, so they do not break during the entire period of operation of this product.

The holes in the mesh are small, they will also perfectly retain dust. The grid itself is characterized by decent rigidity – under the weight of the laptop will not sag. The vents are located on the underside. Two USB connectors are located on the back of the stand, you can immediately find the power button. The assembly is reliable, everything is fitted just perfectly, does not creak or deform, even with strong pressure. No backlash and gaps were found, the stability of the model is simply excellent.


Very convenient to use;
Insignificant mass;
Perfectly cools even powerful laptops;
It works almost silently;
The optimum ratio of price and quality.


Change the position of the metal frame does not work.


The leader of the review of the best cooling pads was a model that differs in a very original appearance. It is more like a quadrocopter or a butterfly in the design style. The product works on the basis of two pairs of fans, their diameters are respectively 140 and 100 mm, the maximum rotation speed for all is the same – 1300 rpm. Each of them is located in a separate block, is reliably protected by a mesh type mesh made on the basis of anodized aluminum.

USB connectors, as well as a button that turns on the power and controls the speed of the fans, are located on the left end of the product. The button also allows you to change the operating modes of the device: only the upper fans work, only the lower fans, all or even the device is turned off. Even in the off state, you can remove excess heat,

On the underside are legs that adjust the angle of inclination. Overall dimensions are 380x295x24 mm with a mass of 900 grams. All product elements are securely fixed, no creaks and backlashes were detected. Relatively low weight allows you to carry products with laptops all the time. Fans make noise not too much – only 3 dB, and this noise background is created largely due to the flow of passing air, and not the rotation of the blades.


It is very quiet;
Reliably cools even fairly powerful laptops;
There is a system of four fans;
High speed of rotation of the blades;
Good value for money;
Attractive appearance.


In addition to the relatively high cost was not found.


Our ranking of the best laptop cooling pads is nearing its logical conclusion. Before saying goodbye, I would like to express the hope that this article turned out to be quite useful for you, and you were able to choose the best products for yourself. If any questions or unclear moments still remain, then feel free to ask them in the comments. We will try to quickly respond to every comment, collect all the necessary additional information and provide it to the user in the most accessible form.



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