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Tips on Remedying a Slow Smartphone Data Connection

Despite the fact that the nationwide lockdown has been lifted, many of us continue to work from home. We are using a lot of data to work, watch material, play games, and so on during this period. As a result, many of us are putting pressure on the networks, with some users reporting severe drops in download and upload speeds. If you believe you are having slow internet speeds, attempt the following to resolve the problem:

How to Check Internet Speed

To test internet speeds on a desktop or laptop, open your preferred web browser and go to a speed testing website such as speedtest.net or fast.com. You can check the download and upload speeds provided by your internet service provider there. On a mobile device, go to websites like fast.com or speedtest.net and select the desktop site view option from the drop-down menu. You can also use the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store to get an internet speed test app.

Fixing WiFi Speeds

  • Now that you’re working from home, your 2Mbps plan, which is limited to 100GB, may not be able to keep up with your demands. We recommend speaking with your ISP first to determine if your data cap has been reached and to determine if you require more speed than your current plan provides.
  • The router gets excessively hot and has a lot of operational faults as a result of continuously being online. You might try rebooting your WiFi router to see if it helps. If it doesn’t work, your router may have a technical problem, in which case you’ll need to call your ISP to get it replaced.
  • If none of the above fixes your speed problems, you’ll have to cut back on content streaming, such as listening to music, so that your WiFi can keep up with your everyday tasks. After you’ve finished your assignment, you can resume streaming and gaming.
  • Check to see whether your computer or any of your family members’ phones have begun to update in the background. Updates consume a significant amount of bandwidth.

Fixing Mobile Data Speeds

  • Check to see if your mobile device is receiving full signals. The internet speeds change when the devices do not receive proper signals.
  • Check to see if you’ve used up all of the data you’ve been given for the day. We don’t always realise we’ve used up all of our data when we’re playing games or watching videos. You can get a booster to replenish your data pack if it has run out.
  • Your phone may be connected to a distant tower even if a nearby tower is available, causing it to receive signals improperly. As a result, internet speeds are being affected. To remedy this, switch on your device’s aeroplane mode for a few seconds and then turn it off to help it disengage from the previous tower and connect to the new tower. You can also accomplish this by restarting your phone repair.
  • Mobile updates use up a lot of storage space, and if they start happening while you’re replying to an important email or working, the internet will slow down. Turn off auto-updates in the Settings panel and update when you’re not using the computer, or let the update download and install overnight.

If you can’t access the Internet on your Android device, either through an app or a website, try these troubleshooting steps.

Signs of a Bad Connection

  • Downloads don’t start, time out, or remain at 0%.
  • Google Play is stuck on “Loading…”
  • You can’t load web pages in a browser.

General Troubleshooting Tips for Android Devices

Restart your device. It might sound simple, but sometimes that’s all it takes to fix a bad connection. If restarting doesn’t work, switch between Wi-Fi and mobile data:

  • Open your Settings app and tap Network & internet or Connections. Depending on your device, these options may be different.
  • Turn Wi-Fi off and mobile data on, and check if there’s a difference.
  • If not, turn mobile data off and Wi-Fi on and check again.

Concluding, these are some of the steps that you can follow if you want to fix the slow data connection of your phone.



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