Getting Started With TikTok Advertising: Everything Marketers Need To Know

Tiktok Advertising

TikTok is one of the record-breaking platforms; it holds 850 million active users. TikTok advertising offers a tremendous golden opportunity for advertisers, business people. It has lowered the notoriety of Twitter, Snapchat.TikTok app enables people to edit and record, and you can share it with your followers. You can use built-in features, filters, effects, music, and songs to design your video. With unique features, it has reached the top level of popularity.

Though, not all business owners succeed on TikTok. Decide, before starting your business, whether this platform suits your industry. In today’s competitive social media landscape, TikTok advertising is an important thing that all marketers should focus on.

Who Is Your Target Audience?

If you are focusing on the younger generation, then TikTok advertising will be best for your investigation. It helps to get maximum exposure for your business and automatically gain massive TikTok likes. TikTok’s 66% of users are young; they are under 30, and 44% of users are between 16-24. If you’re focusing on older people, then it’s not your platform to commence.

Now you will clear that the younger generation is dominating TikTok. Naturally tweens, twins will adapt quickly to social media. Especially, TikTok is an entirely funny and entertaining platform.

What Is Your Budget For TikTok Advertising?

Top business industries like Nike, Disney have used TikTok ads to get massive impressions and reach from the people. Probably TikTok ads will be less budget-friendly to the smaller business.

As ads are introduced, they will come up with a high cost with $10 per CPM cost. It will extend up to $ 3,00,000 for massive campaigns and advertise. You have to pay a minimum of $500 for your ads.

Create a TikTok Ads Account

First, open your TikTok app; you will see a TikTok ad homepage page where you can create a TikTok ad account. You must fill the details and information in the required form; once you fill all those stuff, submit the form. After you submit the appropriate people will reach you. It will take 48 hours to activate your TikTok ad account. Another important thing is that promoting podcasts can be done more effectively through TikTok advertisements.

Create a TikTok Ads Account

Start TikTok Ad Campaign

Start TikTok Ad CampaignTo start your TikTok campaign:

  1. Visit the dashboard option on the TikTok ad page.
  2. Click the campaign button, which is placed on the top page, then select the create button.
  3. Second, select the campaign objective.

Depending on your goal, you can select the objective, traffic, conversion, app install. Next, you have to choose your budget; under budget setting, you will be provided with two options either you can pick daily budget or total budget option. Remember, whether it’s a daily budget or total budget, your minimum budget will be $500.

TikTok Ad Campaign

Select Your TikTok Ad Placement And Other Info

Here you have to create an ad group for your campaign, targeting and choosing your ad placement.

The most beneficial advantage of TikTok dashboards is you can choose your platform you wish to appear in your ads. You can not only run your ad on TikTok but also their apps like Vigo video, buzz video, the new republic, and more.

You can also consider TikTok’s automatic placement; it will say the best place for your ad. Once you set up your placement, fill in data about your ads like targeted URL, keywords, hashtags, product image, details, categories. And you can choose your keywords up to 20 to say about your industry, website. It helps your product to reach your focus audience.

Ad Placement

In the targeting part, you can select your target audience for your campaign. First, you just need to set specific figures like gender, age, location, language, device, interest, and add info to grab the right people for your ads.

TikTok Ad Placement And Other Info

If you already have your focused audience list, you can select the option custom audience. In that, you can upload IDs of existing TikTok users. You can upload it in TXT, ZIP file format.

Manage Duration, Spend Time Of Your TikTok Ads

Here start to select the budget, schedule, and goals for your TikTok ads.

Put Down Budgets And Scheduling

As I mentioned already, you can either pick a daily or total budget option, now set your how much you are willing to spend. Additionally, you can choose your ads to display daily, or you can select specific times on those particular days alone.

Budgets And SchedulingDecide Your Pacing Option

Decide your pacing for your budget, which says how fast your ads will spend. Depending on the time limit of your campaign, spend your budget properly.

Choose Your Desired Goals

Think about what your intention is to be gained through your ad campaign. You can enhance your ad group by conversion, impression, clicks, and your bidding will automatically optimize depending on the goals you pick.

If you select conversion as your aim, then your ad will be displayed to your budding customers. To measure this, you have to create events by clicking the library and choosing conversion.

If you select your goal as click, then your ads will be billed on a CPS basis. It focuses on driving more clicks for your ads.

At last, if you choose the impression as your goal, you will be billed on a CPM basis. It indicates the price of a thousand impressions.

Build Your TikTok Ads

If you want to construct your TikTok ads, then it’s straightforward and effortless. Your ads can be horizontal, vertical, square, video, and images. The great thing about TikTok ads is that they offer a customized template for your video, photos like a tool you can easily edit. It provides 300+ kinds of music for your background.

Three types of ad: brand takeover, in-feed ads, hashtags challenge

Brand Takeover

Brand takeover ads will be displayed immediately when users open TikTok. When people click that ad, it will automatically redirect to your website or video’s desired landing page. Currently, it’s available for only one advertiser per day.

In-Feed Ads

It is like a native ad, which will be displayed in the organic TikTok video. It redirects to a website or app.

Hashtags Challenge

Here you can collaborate with TikTok markets to run the sponsored hashtags challenge. It is beneficial to bring more exposure to your brand.


Since the launch of the TikTok Advertising feature, many top brands used TikTok advertising to promote their brands and products. Using TikTok ads, you can focus your target audience on engaging campaigns. You can make use of many attractive creatures that TikTok ads offer. If you use TikTok ads successfully, you can accomplish your target goals.


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