Some websites – whether old or new – have a lot of SEO Mistakes or flaws. If website owners need advice on how to optimize the website and improve its ranking in SERP (search engine results page), they must first conduct a test and determine what “errors” are.

We have compiled a list of five common errors with tips on how to improve and/or avoid them in the future. Of course, this list can be endless as each website is different from the other. So, this is an overview of the most problematic areas that our SEO experts deal with on a daily basis.



The most common mistake that website owners make is trying to rank themselves for the “wrong” keyword. By “wrong” keyword we mean too general, which in return could be too costly to be able to achieve good results in a global market.

For example, if you want the website to be ranked in the US or Canada for generic keywords (such as “t-shirts”), your business may be in vain due to fierce competition and you are likely on page 20th of Google quit. Instead, try to be specific and make the keyword a little longer (by using keyword), such as B. “Santa Monica Women’s T-Shirts” or similar.

If there is a need for such a term and people are actually looking for it, real people will come to your webshop (for example your neighbors) and buy your products. Make sure you optimize each page for the correct keyword and don’t forget: one page = one keyword.


Keywords go hand in hand with the text that surrounds them. Linguists call it “context”, SEO specialists call it “website content”. Basically, your users will only integrate with the content of the website. If your website copy is not strong, your request will not be answered and you will click the X button and exit your website.

For more than twenty years, Google has been advising us to offer more advantages for end customers. “Content is king”, these words are truer than ever. We strongly encourage you to start optimizing your content by trying to put your potential customers in the shoes: think about what you would be looking for, then write content that might be useful to them. The key is to answer your problems.

Writing content is not only the job of a copywriter or copywriter but also of the web developer. That’s why Google wrote this useful instruction: Developer documentation style guide.

You can also use Google Keyword Planner to brainstorm what people are looking for so you can optimize the content as best you can.


If a punchline is missing from your content, all efforts will be lost. If you attract visitors to your website and try to answer their questions, and then they leave, you should be wondering what you did wrong. If there is no call-to-action (CTA), your visitors won’t know what to do and you will likely leave. CTAs are usually buttons that open a form or link to a contact page, where your visitors either order the product/service or contact you.

When developing CTA buttons, make sure the design is optimized, that the button is visible and inviting to be clicked. Only buttons that stand out attract people.


Page speed is one of the most common SEO mistakes made by websites. To check this out, Google developed a great tool called PageSpeed ​​Insights that we use every day. Usually, the tool checks things like minified CSS, landing page redirection, compression, image optimization, server response time, minimizing JS, browser caching, etc.

Extra tip: Another great tool you can use is Google’s mobile-friendly test, which will be published in 2018. Namely, Google announced that from next year mobility-friendliness will be included in the SERP, which will have a general effect on the ranking of the website.


Finally, using the power of links does not affect website traffic. Nowadays, many people forget that a website gets a lot of traffic from social networks like Facebook or Twitter. It is extremely important to marketing through social media (Engl. Social Media Marketing) to think as your next tool for obtaining outbound links. So the next time you post something on Facebook, add a link to your website!

In order to complete successfully, these are optimization errors that occur every day. If you want to add something or think we should change something, please do not hesitate to leave a comment.


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