Why do We Need Responsive Website Design to Rank in Search Engines?

Responsive Website Design

Ever happened that you had visited any website and had left without doing anything just because of unacceptable. Substandard of responsive website design? Wholly because of an abysmal website layout which is not at all responsive. This course of action is the biggest justification for a mediocre rank in search engines.

Effectiveness of responsive website in SEO

First of all, let’s know what responsive web design signifies. It is the methodology that implies that design and development should respond based on screen size, platform. And orientation to the user’s actions and environment.

A combination of versatile grids and layouts, display patterns, and smart application of CSS (cascading style sheet) media and dynamic tools are part of website designing and development. This is not only associated with appropriate web layout but also with user-friendly content management tactics and certainly includes easy navigation, fast page loading, better landing on any page, website service accessibility, and many more. These things straight away satisfy your viewers and your SEO rank is improved, pronto!

Now wondering what these search engines are? How does your website design co-relate with their ranking? And why do we even need them? Your site is the focus of your digital marketing platform-the point through which every digital cascade flows. And the largest of its traffic sources, of course, is usually organics search.

This is where search engines come in power. When a user needs something, the search engine then searches for related websites through its database and shows them in the form of a list.

Rank in search engines is directly proportional to your website engagement with users. However, very frequently, prior to getting a site constructed, organizations don’t consider Web optimization, and these locales are regularly, unfortunately, missing on the Website design enhancement and advanced marketing front. They may look unique, but if at the time of designing, the marketing smarts are not completely prepared, then you will run the digital marketing race with a broken leg.

Come on! Let’s acknowledge some integral reasons to use responsive website design to rank in search engines:



Web design is a factor that addresses SEO campaigns. If you want a better rank in search engines, you should not overemphasize website accessibility and user experience. Responsive website design management and search engine optimization go parallel. Before launching a site, it should be checked on different browsers, just to assure that your service is uniform throughout your users.


Responsive Website DesignNavigation is about the ease with which individuals may take action and navigate through your website. A logical page hierarchy, using bread crumbs, designing clickable buttons, and adopting the ‘three-click rule’ are some strategies for efficient navigation, ensuring users will be able to locate the details they are searching for within three clicks.

Navigation is not just about the menu column in the header of your webpage. It’s how you link visitors to the most critical aspect of your website. Navigation can be a tool for raising awareness of additional resources and requires content on all pages and in the templated design elements of your website, not just text links.


Everyone detests a site that takes ages to stack. Optimizing image sizes, merging code into a central CSS or JavaScript file and minifying HTML, CSS, JavaScript, are tips to make page load times more efficient (compressed to speed up their load time). We know that load speed is a ranking factor, and we also know that getting a mobile site means that your rivals that don’t can crawl and index you. For search engine marketing and lead generation companies, all of this is relevant.


F – PATTERNEye-following investigations have recognized that individuals examine PC screens in an “F” design. Research says the top and left side of the screen catches more attention whereas the right side of the screen is hardly seen. In spite of disturbing the viewer’s visual glide. Productively designed web pages will work with the reader’s indigenous response and exhibit information in order of precedence (left to right, and top to bottom).


Responsive Website DesignAccessing websites from different devices with multiple screen sizes is now commonplace. So it is important to determine if your website is mobile-friendly. If your website is not mobile-friendly, you can either rebuild it or build a dedicated mobile site with a responsive style. A beautiful and practical website can be built easily, simply by keeping these design elements in mind.

Do you have a site layout that should be tried or streamlined? You are planning a website, maybe and you want to get the concept right from the ground up. These concepts of efficient web design will enable your website to be more entertaining, useful. And memorable for visitors, either way.


Responsive Website DesignThe content served by the site is a relevant factor that signifies your inbound marketing strategy. Every unique content requires its own specified SEO tactics because you will effectively be continually producing redundant content when you have two versions of your website. This will result in lower search engine rankings for both versions of your websites, as search engines may not know which content is important.


Responsive Website DesignYou need internal links that the search engine will crawl to index your content outside the home page. All of your key navigation, search engine instruction, and resources such as XML sitemaps help the search engine crawl your website and locate new sites. Certain tools such as Screaming Frog can help you ensure that a search engine can quickly crawl your website.


PROFITABLE CONVERSION RATESWhen your visitors spend more time on your website, they generate trust that leads to better rates of conversion and this is how one applies website marketing strategy in web development. As a responsive website, since it offers the best user experience, it is the best option for your web design needs. Research shows that the overall conversion rate for smartphones is much higher than the conversion rate for desktops. It is incredibly easy to see that the secret to a higher conversion rate is to build a responsive website with a strong user interface. It provides us with the ease of site analysis and maintenance. This is how a lead generation company works in the field of website designing.


ENHANCED INTERACTIVE NETWORKA website’s bounce rate refers to the percentage of visitors. After seeing just a single page, navigate away from the website. Since a responsive site offers an improved UI, for longer periods, your site guests will experience no difficulty staying on yours.

They would probably be tempted to also click and explore the other distinct areas of your website while they remain longer, and this will create an enhanced network with a better SEO rating. So be positioned where your audience is situated. Be platform-unequivocal, if necessary.


ANALYTICAL AND SHAREABLE SITEIt is very convenient for your visitors to share embedded links even on smaller screen sizes when your website is responsive and has some active social media sharing buttons. More social media sharing means exposure to new marketing platforms like digital marketing and email marketing companies, etc.

Which in turn leads to higher website visits and higher conversion rates. Furthermore, search engines will note your website’s increased search demand and interaction and boost the rankings of your search engine.


Ultimately, compared with desktops and laptops, more users access the internet using mobile devices. Thus much as on desktops. The website needs to look amazing, amenable, and even perform well on tablets and smartphones. If your website is not optimized according to search engine parameters. It’s high time for you to look for web design tips and update your website to a more responsive one.

This will not only help you navigate your website more effectively. But it will also boost the SEO rank of your website significantly and will increase the viewer’s interaction. The points mentioned above were a few essential key factors that anyone can follow to resist a jerry-built design of their webpage.


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