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Productivity Hacks: Staying Focused Surrounded By Screens

The year 2020 has been throwing a lot of curveballs our way. One of the major changes was working from home. Everyone had to stay home and stay connected. Various ways have been followed by people to connect being socially distanced. Social distancing has turned everything upside down from online grocery shopping to remote meetings. With all these distractions it can be tricky to stay focused and keep your work life separate from other online activities. However, some productivity hacks can help you to stay focused and on task during a pandemic. These tips can simply help you get your work done on time and not get stuck in the online loop of things.

Eliminate distractions:

Eliminating distractions is one of the major hacks to avoid destructions. If there is another screen when you are working, then it can get difficult for you to wind up something you are doing. You should not turn on the TV or get distracted by household chores when you are working otherwise you will not get anything done. You should try and take some time out when you set up your workspace. Give yourself a time limit and get work done in that specific time. After getting the work done you can do whatever you want without stressing about work.

Do one thing at a time:

Most people think that multitasking is good, but the truth is that not everyone can do it well. The best way to accomplish a project or get something done is to focus completely on it. If you will focus on a task at a time then you will be able to get it done more efficiently. If you multitask, nothing will get your full attention and you will not be able to produce quality work. You can listen to podcasts or tune in to music but make sure that you do one thing at a time before picking up a whole lot of work for yourself.

Use a productivity app:

Various researchers have researched this and it has been found out that Americans check their phones almost 90 times a day. When added there can be a lot of distractions and that is why you are not able to get anything accomplished. It is ironic but several apps can help you stay productive. These apps set incentives for screen downtime and you can stay productive to meet the goal for your app.

Try a timer:

Timers are always good and help you set a goal for yourself. If you are enthusiastic about work and warn to meet the goal you have set for yourself then you should try a timer. A timer lets you get your work done on the time you allot yourself. This way you can speed up the time you are working in and meet your goals.

You can also take breaks if you want to. This way you can keep a balance between your work and also give rest to your brain.

Ask a friend:

Friends are great to keep you going. Ask one of your responsible friends to call you after the time you allotted yourself for the work. Your friend can convince you to do it if you are not done with it. This will be a productive practice because when someone keeps telling you to do work you can do it, especially if the person is close to you.

Make sticky notes:

you can also take help from sticky notes and stick them everywhere around your workplace with warnings and instructions on them. When you will keep seeing those sticky notes there will come a time that you would want to get done with the work. As the human brain is receptive to such signals and functions well when told continuously.


There are several other hacks with the help of those you can stay productive and complete your work in the time it was intended to. The only thing that you need is commitment. If you are committed to your work then you will be able to go to all bounds for completing it.



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