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T2S Guide To Why Poor Website Hosting is Destroying your website SEO

Website hosting is crucial to a website and like anything. There are good website hosts and bad website hosts.  A poor website host can actually impact the performance of your website SEO and the performance of your website. 

While in this blog we will not talk about what are the good hosting sites. And bad ones, we are surely going to talk about how a proper hosting site can save you a lot of trouble and how a bad hosting can impact the performance of your website. 

Let us take a look at how website hosting can impact SEO as well as the performance of your website and your business as a whole. 


A hosting site is basically a place where all the files of your website are stored. And if this hosting site is slow. And has low bandwidth which means the loading times of your website will also be slow and that can impact the performance of your website. 

This affects the SEO dramatically because low loading times will finally give signals to the search engine that the website is not working properly and therefore this can dramatically reduce and lower the ranking of your website.

This is usually the case with cheaper hosting solutions wherein there is too much of a load on the server. And the website does not perform well.  This is because cheaper and hosting sites of a bad quality host too many websites in a single server thereby bottlenecking the bandwidth and hugely affecting the performance. 


Downtime is when our website is out of order. And this is quite simply one of the most harmful things that can happen to a website. A website that is down and unresponsive and has an error will signify the visitors and project a bad image of the business to the potential customers.

This will eventually affect your customer base as more of them will go to your competitors and this is bad for website SEO because the search engines will see this as a bad sign that users are not visiting the website and that will lead them to downgrade the rank of your website.

BAD ROOMMATES(shared hosting)

The difference between a good hosting website and a bad hosting website is a simple fact. A bad hosting website does not have security protocols in place. And one of the simplest forms of security is having a good screening process.

What cheaper hosting services tend to do is they tend to allow anyone and everyone into their servers. Whoever complies with the minimum requirements. It and pays for the service gets to have a place on the server.

And these people can be scammers and spammers and people who are not looked upon well by search engines. And sharing your website with people can lead to bad rankings for your website and this also accesses. The security risk because this is the same as living in the same apartment with criminals, the chances of you getting robbed increase 10-fold.


One of the silly mistakes companies do is to have a hosting service that is not local. And this can be damaging. If you are especially in The e-Commerce sector because search engines give preference to locally hosted companies and websites more than companies that are not local.

This can also decrease the rank and relevance of your website.  Let’s take the example of Pizza delivery. No matter if your company is local if you have a hosting service that is situated in Taiwan. Then the search engines will not give first preference to your website but to other websites. Which are locally hosted with a geographically closer IP.


Another way that your company’s hosting service is not doing you a favor is when they are using cheap servers. They are not maintained properly and have regular internal errors. The more there are errors the more downtime your website faces and that can ultimately tarnish the reputation of your brand.

A proper hosting service that is reputable will use servers that can handle the traffic. And that is maintained so that there are no internal errors. 

These were a few reasons. Why I hosting service can impact the website SEO of your website and probably much more. If you are not willing to take this risk then we at ThinkToShare are just the right people for you because we are the fastest growing website designing and development company in Kolkata and we only use the top two most reputable hosting services in the world to ensure that our clients never face unnecessary hassle.



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