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Make Money With YouTube Videos – When the Hobby Becomes a Profession

The job description of a YouTuber sounds too good to be true: filming yourself, doing a thing that’s fun, or philosophizing about something that interests you. Afterward, you upload the whole thing on your own YouTube videos channel and earn by the way a lot of money. Of course, it’s not that easy, because it also includes a dose of luck, a lot of work.

Considerable time and a certain talent in front of and behind the camera. Only a few can finance their livelihood with their own YouTube videos channel. However, if you are primarily interested in a small sideline. YouTube offers interesting opportunities. Because on a smaller scale can be earned by YouTube money. If you convince with a good idea and a sophisticated concept.

How does YouTube Work from a Commercial Perspective?

YouTube is the world’s largest YouTube video web community and also the undisputed market leader in USA-speaking countries. Accordingly, the platform is interesting for companies looking for a way to place their advertising. Theoretically, companies can reach many potential customers through the channel of known creators. This can be used by creators. All you have to do is sign up for the YouTube Partner Program and link your account to Google AdSense. This allows them to monetize their uploaded YouTube videos by allowing businesses to advertise in the video environment.

If your clips contain protected material that was not produced or designed by you, you need the written approval of the person or company for commercial use. The following contents are protected material:

  • Song titles or sections for which revenue sharing is excluded
  • General music (including cover songs, lyrics, and background music)
  • Photos and other pictures or graphics
  • Film and TV pictures
  • Footage of YouTube video games or other software
  • Live recordings (sports, concerts, shows, etc.)

How much you can earn with switched advertising on YouTube depends on a number of factors. Among other things, it is decisive which advertising format it is. For example, you get a much better reward for embedding an advertising clip than for a banner or a classic text ad. However, in order to be considered as an area for advertising videos, your clips must reach a high range and generate many clicks, Of the AdSense earnings generated by the ad, you get 55 percent YouTube video ownership, while the remaining 45 percent go into YouTube’s pockets. By the way, advertisers do not need to pay for promotional clips that are canceled in the first 30 seconds – and you will not earn anything in such a case.

Co-operations and Merchandising

The YouTube Partner Program and Google AdSense are not the only ways to earn money with YouTube (US users can also pay to subscribe to their YouTube channel). The more successful your channel is, the more interesting it becomes for paid product placements or recommendations.

In simple terms, this means that you are receiving money from a third party to present or express positive opinions about a particular brand or product in your videos or descriptions. It’s also possible that the advertiser reserves the right to revise your videos, such as: For example, embed your logo or brand.

Another conceivable scenario is that you are paid to upload third-party external content to your channel. However, if you engage in such collaboration and place external products in your clips, you must remember to let YouTube know by enabling the appropriate checkbox in the advanced settings of the affected videos.

From a certain number of subscribers, the sale of fan articles can be profitable. A small merchandising shop with a selection of T-shirts, jumpers, or caps printed with your Channel logo, trademark, or typical slogans is a good side-income.

You may even win some new viewers in this way channel followers. For many stars of the YouTube scene, sponsorship and merchandising account for half of their earnings.

These are YouTube’s Top Earners

There are different ways to earn money on YouTube, but all of them are conditional. Promotional clips will only deposit money if they play for at least 30 seconds or until the end, third-party deals will not be landed until a certain degree of success has already set in, and selling fan merchandise will make you more willing to buy Fan community ahead.

There can be no question of planning the income. Nevertheless, it is undisputed that some creators in the USA-speaking countries are now financing their livelihood exclusively through their activities on the video platform.

So You can Earn Money with Your YouTube Videos

The estimated revenues of YouTube stars sound more than tempting. However, with the exception of famous people. Who has been the focus of public attention before the opening of the channel? The stars of the scene had to go through quite a normal development process. The fact that they would once earn so much money through YouTube, probably has the least of them guessed.

While such success is unpredictable, there are a number of levers that can help you successfully enter the YouTube adventure and, in the long term, use the video service with the affiliate program and Google AdSense as a source of extra income.

The Sparkling Idea

Before you start filming, you should first deal with the concept of your channel. Always be aware that the YouTube world is not necessarily waiting for you, but that it’s up to you to convince users. The number of YouTubers is rising sharply. While the proportion of those who run a profitable channel will likely continue to decline in the future.

So to beat the competition, you need themes and formats that arrive at the users of the video platform and are not already covered by other, larger channels. The more innovative and in-demand your idea. The greater the likelihood that the audience will pay you attention. Orient yourself with ideas that you enjoy. Things that you can do well, or areas that you know well. Only if you can inspire yourself for the content of your videos, you will succeed with your viewers.

Score with High-Quality Content

Just as important as format and theme are the quality and preparation of your videos. In the beginning, you may not always be 100% satisfied with the result, but you should see that as an incentive to do better in the next clip. Cut, length, lighting, effects, or references to your channel or other videos are important factors that can positively influence the perception of your clips.

Highly featured keywords and a descriptive description ensure that your clips are found by the users. In addition to optimizing content, we recommend developing an uploading strategy. Publishing clips regularly increases your reach and binds users who have already subscribed to your channel.

At best, you’ll eventually have enough material to present a new video on one or two specific days of the week. In the long run, you should also think about one video blog. Where you communicate with your subscribers, aside from your actual videos, for example, thanking you for subscribing to your channel, or responding to user comments.

Be Part of The Community

By responding to user comments and requests. you’re taking an important step toward a successful channel because YouTube is not just a video sharing platform. It’s also a social network. Increase your reach by being active not only on your own channel but also on foreign channels.

Make comments, use the opportunity to voice your opinion on hot topics or video-answering clips, and try to collaborate with other influential YouTube creators. In this way, you will also easily win those users as new subscribers who can not reach you through the search.

You can also showcase your channel through other social networks: Facebook, Twitter, and etc. are great places to let the world know about your latest clips. Just link your accounts to other networks in your channel description and vice versa. You may also find influential partners here to help you find new visitors.


The ways and means were necessary to build a YouTube channel for the Affiliate Program. And its associated advertising opportunity makes one thing very clear. Earning money on YouTube is anything but a matter of course.

Building strong followers is a tedious task that is not done overnight; In addition, subscribers gained must be regularly provided with new content. Not to mention the fact that the actual production of the content. Which must always be innovative and exciting as well as high-quality processed, takes a lot of time.

However, if you approach the task with smaller goals and the necessary stamina. You can count on advertising revenue in the long run. While developing your channel, do not focus on top stars like Gronkh or PewDiePie.

But focus on your project and work on the network. As you continue to work on the quality of your video and add value to a specific video platform audience. You automatically become a relevant business partner.



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