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15 Incredible Ideas To Improve Your Instagram Engagement

According to Oberlo, Instagram engagement is measured by the likes, views, comments, and shares from the viewers or consumers, boasting a rate of 4.21%. This performance is 84 times higher than Twitter, 10X higher than Facebook, and 54 times higher than Pinterest. That’s why Instagram is the best marketing platform. Based on the survey, more than 1 billion users and 500 million users are active per day.

Read on for incredible ways to impact your Instagram audience and make a robust and lasting Instagram engagement organically.

1. Post Consistently on Instagram:

Consistency is the main key factor of brand success. According to the statistics, you can upload 1 -2 posts on a daily basis. In this way, you can upload the feed which stays new and relevant, and you will have excellent opportunities to attract your audience’s eyesight to your content.

We would recommend that posting times can vary based on which expert you listen to. The report says that the best posting time on Instagram is 2 PM to 3 PM CDT. And, the best day to post on Instagram is Thursday at 5 AM, 11 AM, and 4 PM as well. Inconsistency is not good and can cause genuine confusion for content creators. 

2. Create a Strong Brand

Creativity, clarity, and consistency are the kind of enterprises that aim to create brand awareness and trust on Instagram. The random and inconsistent approach doesn’t work. 

Try to give importance to the core areas such as presenting your profile effectively, making style patterns, and adding your images looking good, using related hashtags. In that case, if anyone is missing your profile isn’t more attractive. You must be interacting regularly with your followers to create engagement and loyalty with the audience. 

3. Make Videos like Storytelling

Instagram is covered with ordinary brand messaging that forgets the social network is assumed to be a visual inspiration platform.

Most audiences are like storytelling videos where you increase your Instagram engagement rates and offer micro-stories via videos, captions, and Instagram stories.

Publishing your brand via storytelling and crave connection is an effective way to create an amazing experience. When the viewers emotionally connect to your content, they are ready to share the content and buy your products and services.

For example, Airbnb is one of the innovative Instagram storytellers that share great imagery to attract readers and add themselves into a scene.

4. Share Excellent images

You know that Instagram is the visual medium; everyone can see your post until the account is in public mode. So, sharing attractive images to enhance your brand that stands out from the Instagram feed is important.

Are you not a great photographer or graphic designer? No worries, there are a million of designing tools for helping to create images. Using Canva’s design templates is an effective way to include text or add filters. You can also use Hootsuite Compose for editing your images and adding text and filters to them.

5. Write Strong Captions:

A single picture is worth a thousand words, but a thousand words are equal to a thousand words. Are you confused?

Yes, explaining about a brand by using words is more catchy and easily understood by the audience. The total length of the Instagram captions is up to 2200 characters, and you can add up to 30 hashtags in a single post. Adding attractive captions and promoting your brand’s personality.

For example, @Nike explains a compelling story with the caption and also asks their audience to share the story via comments. It is part of the Instagram engagement.

6. Share UGC Content:

What’s UGC?

UGC means User Generated content is a type of content such as videos, reviews, and text which the users rather than the brands create. And brands will frequently share the UGC on their personal websites, blogs, and social media accounts.

According to the study, 90% of the audience says it gets more influence over their buying products than promotional emails and search engine results.

Using the UGC content will help expand your online community that improves the brand & customer relationship. Also, UGC encourages the audience and increases the Instagram engagement level. The main advantages of UGC are cost-effective and boost lead generation efforts.

7. Use Custom Filters and Stickers:

Creating custom stickers that relate to your brand helps to market your brand, and most users like your content by making custom stickers and filters available in Instagram stories.

Posting Instagram stories using stickers and filters looks more attractive and reaches more viewers. In fact, your stories have reached numerous users, then your Instagram story views have increased. Finally, your post will display on the user’s feed and get a massive number of views.

8. Add CTA options:

Want engagement from your posts?

A call to action is apt to get your viewers to do something specific. This is the part of your ad, content, or website that invites a take action. On a website, a CTA is typically a button, a link, or a clickable image.

A compelling CTA can prompt activity, likes, responses, or shares when done with care. For instance, Wells General Store didn’t just tell the world; it had puzzles with this post, and they gave specific information regarding how to purchase them.

9. Give Response to Questions:

The comments start flying in when you post the new images and video content. Give a response to your followers, which helps build trust about your brand and increase your engagement.

Participating in conversations and acknowledging your commenters makes followers feel happy and excited to comment with you again in the future. In this case, you will get both comments such as positive and negative. Calm and quiet when you get negative comments and say, “Thank you.” This kind of attitude attracts more viewers and more chances to get the followers to your account.

10. Get experimental:

You never find out which suits your brand until you make a try, test, and tweak.

The ultimate feature of social media is that its work for experimentation. If it works, you will succeed quickly, or else if it’s a flop, it’s a little bit of risk, and you have learned.

Hence, think creatively!!! Make sure to keep an eye on metrics, and you can see the impact of your content ideas. Use social media A/B testing, and it helps you to save time and the best marketing strategy.

A/B testing is the formation of real-world research that offers you to test small variations in marketing materials to find the most effective target audience.

11. Drive Traffic from other Social Media:

Apart from Instagram, they are various social platforms that are there in the digital world. Get your Instagram account, and you can access it everywhere.

One of the Instagram features is an Instagram bio where you can place the additional information in this section. Also, you can add your blog or website to your Instagram bio.

At this point, the audience clicks the link directly to the website and gives more chances for engagement. If your content is most attractive, they will be followers for your account.

12. Create Curiosity About Your Brand:

We see a lot of businesses and brands are available in the competitive world. Express about your brand, which indicates the honest, real, and vulnerable side. Hereby, you can create a curiosity among the Instagram audience.

A top-level of authenticity can go a broad way in creating a stronger connection to your audience, resulting in more engagement.

When you can promote the good with the bad, the struggles you can face with the wins, your brand will be more relatable to your audience.

13. Active on Instagram stories:

Instagram Stories have an incredible reach. According to the stats, 500 million people can use Stories per day, and 62% of users say that they have become more interested to see the new brand or product in Stories.

Satirical news site shares its cheeky headlines in stories and posts to capture viewers’ attention in two different places. You can use the Questions, Polls, and Countdowns are all opportunities to twinkle conversation and connect directly with your Instagram fans.

In Instagram stories, you engage with the stickers and filter options.

14. Boost your posts

Uploading your post in your Instagram account will open the eyeballs, which is one of the strongest ways to build engagement. With a potential audience of more than 1 billion active users on Instagram, they will regularly see your content. If your content looks attractive, they will follow your content. Finally, you will be a celebrity on social media networks.

Using Instagram ads or boosted posts can be a strategic way of shining your name in front of the right people. If you want to maximize your reach on Instagram, you post the content effectively and creatively.

15. Measure Instagram Engagement Metrics:

By viewing posts and leaving thoughtful comments are not a self-promotional way but a substantive. Brands can use Instagram to drive brand awareness and cultivate a stronger community.

After posting every content, you should track the performance on your profile and post levels, measuring effectiveness and adjusting strategy.

The analytics shows like:

  • Views
  • Comments
  • Likes
  • Hashtag performance
  • Audience growth
  • Top influencers engagement


Engagement is one of the Instagram metrics used to find the content that shows up in your followers’ feeds. If your followers frequently give likes and comments on your posts, Instagram sees it as a sign that they want to see more of your content. As a result, your Instagram posts will become prioritized in your feed.

Hence, use the tips mentioned above and get more engagement on Instagram



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