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How To Use Instagram Effectively To Boost Ecommerce Sales Drastically

Instagram is one of the fun-filling and entertaining social media. It is basically a picture sharing app; you can upload your photos, videos in front of your audience and build connections with them. You may find plenty of marketers getting beneficial on Instagram. It is never too late for e-commerce people to stumble on Instagram. When you are a beginner or already started your business looking towards building brand exposure and engaging customers, then Instagram is the best solution.

Why Should Brands Use Instagram For Ecommerce?

On Instagram, you can create high-quality and innovative pictures with your product or brand that attracts people. It increases people’s engagement

It makes people relaxed and comfortable with mobile access to the online website of your products. You can focus on a big crowd of people, expand your reach, spread your brand to the world. It increases your sales, motivates many people to engage with your brand.

Create Business Account

Instagram introduced a new feature called a business profile. It is the first and foremost step to begin your marketing. You can convert your private account into a business account with easy steps. The business account will give you an exclusive right to know your content performance and your audience. It will provide you with a professional outlook, and help to drive many people from other platforms.

Steps to Switch Your Account Into Business Account

  • On Instagram, go to the account setting option in that click “switch to a business profile.”
  • Then log in to your Facebook account in your Instagram account, there you can choose the Facebook page you want to connect with
  • Once you are selected, you have to give one contact details of your Instagram business profile.

Post Fascinating Visuals

To enhance your brand range or position, offer fascinating visuals that impress your audience. It enriches the engagement rate for your content. For instance, you may have a look at top brands like max, and their pictures will be high-quality and focused. Make sure you are following 1080 x 1080 pixels, and you can add up to 2,200 characters for your caption.

One of the best methods to enhance your engagement and attention is creating watermark pictures with your brand name or company name. By practicing this method will not force your people to buy your product. Simultaneously, watermark pictures will attract people and provide more chances to know more about their brands. Posting this type of images on stories will offer more information and details about your business. Post more impressive pictures and videos to enhance brand exposure on Instagram. While posting pictures on Instagram, crop the photo in a square shape, make sure you insert your brand name or company name. Include short and sweet captions; it will add separate value to your post.

Influencers Review On Your Product

Influencer marketing provides trending and effective ways to increase sales through Instagram. This marketing helps you to reach many kinds of people like fashion influencers, their style, outfits to their followers, food influencers posting their best food, dishes.

If your business collaborates with an influencer, your range will increase. Your audience engagement will be top; their trust towards your brand will maximize. It helps to reach your brand to all the people; it will improve your sales rate.

Tips To Improve Influencer Marketing 

  • You can analyze your competitor’s profile to see how they are promoting their brands. You can also have a look at other accounts that are not related to your field. So that you can know more about marketings and tips 
  • Don’t interfere with your influencer post; let them design their content; they will know better than you. Depending on their audience state, they will post content.
  • While choosing an influencer to make sure they belong to your industry or field, with massive followers count and high engagement rate
  • Ask your influencer to give a review of your product, live demo to the audience.

Start Your Contest 

To improve the follower’s interaction and attention, start a contest, giveaway game on Instagram. This will gain a new audience and attachment. When you plan to run a contest, advertise in your Instagram story like an “contest for two days,” “coming up.” to ensure more interaction happening in your account . After one or two days, you can provide detailed information on Instagram stories. For instance, you can come up with gifts for the first 50 people to your followers. Later you can announce the winner with a creative visual format. This kind of giveaway offer will automatically increase your sale.

Include Hashtags

Posting pictures alone is not enough to promote your business. Hashtags play a significant role in spreading your business to outside people. Make sure you include similar hashtags to all your content. Particularly when you are looking at business growth and popularity. If you use the right hashtags for your content, it will have the power to display your content to a huge audience, focusing on targeting people. Make sure that you include the right hashtags in your stories. When you do so, you not only get more Instagram story views you can also notice your followers count escalate quickly.Using limited and relevant hashtags too much will have a negative impact. 

The right hashtags will help people to explore your account better. Also, it’s easy to find your content on other social media. If you post your content on Facebook and your hashtags, it’s merely for the people who search your hashtags to find your content on Facebook.

Flash Out Your LifeStyle

One smart way to showcase your products is to show your daily happenings connected with your brand. Many influencers, business marketers use this method to showcase their products to the public naturally. You can use Instagram stories to show off your products, speaking about them like a short note. So that people not only connect with you but also with your brand. For instance, if you are running beauty products, you post your face facing photo or video with a title morning routine and along with your coffee. In this case, it looks normal and natural at the same time this content promotes your brand.

Honor And Celebrate Every Occasion

To increase the sales and revenue, make use of every occasion and season to show your marketing strategy. Try to produce new products or new varieties according to the seasons. Give discounts or offers to special occasions like new year, Christmas. You can begin your celebration before one month, posting a greeting picture along with your product. For instance, you can give offers like “Christmas sales start now.” Don’t forget to greet your followers on every occasion.



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