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How to Embed Instagram Feed on Website in 2022

Wondering how you can bring your profile grams Instantly to your website? Well, you can embed Instagram Feed on the website and it is super simple and doesn’t need any technical skills. The best part is that the embedded Instagram feed makes your website engaging and also makes your website stand out from the crowd as many of them aren’t aware of the power of embedded Instagram feeds.

First, let’s check the steps to add Instagram Feed, and then we will see some of the benefits of embedding Instagram Feeds. Here are the 2 simple methods on how to embed Instagram Feed on websites:

  1. Using Instagram Widget
  2. Official Instagram embedding options.

2 Methods to Embed Instagram Feed on websites

1. Instagram Widget

You can embed Instagram Feed on your website using Instagram Widget powered by Tagembed. Tagembed is a social media aggregator tool that lets you collect social media feeds from 15+ social feed networks. These feeds can be then curated and customized using different in-built personalization features. Lastly, after curating and customizing you can generate the embed code for your Instagram Feed and paste them into the backend of your website. Hence, Instagram Feed will be embedded into the website.

Here are the simple steps to use the tool to embed Instagram Feed into your website:

Steps to Embed Instagram Feed

  • Create your account and open the widget.
  • Pick a source pop-up that will appear, select Instagram.

There are multiple connection types that let you collect Instagram Feed on the widget, such as Hashtag, Handle, Reels, Stories, Mentions, and more.

  • Choose your preferred method to collect Instagram feed from Hashtag, handle, Reels, Stories, IGTV, and more.
  • Click on the Create Feed button and authorize the widget to collect your Instagram Feed. In a few seconds, Instagram feeds will be aggregated.

Tip – As soon as the feeds are collected, you can proceed to customize feeds using different themes, banners, backgrounds, card styles, or more. After customizing the feeds you can visit the filter & moderation panel to moderate your feeds (highlight post, pin the post, delete the post, edit the post, add CTA, etc) and filter your feeds to make them public or private for showcasing on your website based on the relevancy.

  • After, moderating and customizing, click on the Embed Widget button to generate the embed code for your Instagram Feed.
  • A choose your platform pop-up will appear with different CMS platforms listed in it. Choose your website CMS and click on it to generate the embed code accordingly.
  • Adjust the height and width of your Widget and click on the Copy Code button to copy the embed code.
  • Paste the embed code in the backend of your website webpage where you wish to embed Instagram Feed on your website.
  • Save the changes made and reload your webpage.

Eventually, Instagram Feeds are now embedded on your website.

The second method to embed Instagram Feed on your website is using the official Instagram embedding steps. The best part is that it is free to embed but it also has some limitations to it such as you need to embed Instagram Post one by one (Copy and Paste the individual embed code for individual post), there are no themes or customization options to personalize your Instagram Widget.

2. Official Instagram Embedding Option

You can embed Instagram Feed on your website for free and it is handy if you have 2-3 posts to showcase on your website. But if you have a library of posts then it gets time taking as you need to filter the feeds and generate the embed code for each post one by one.

  • Steps to embed Instagram Feed using official embedding options:
  • Log in to your Instagram account and select the post you want to embed.
  • Click on the three dots () and choose Embed.
  • Embed Code for the post will be generated.
  • Copy and paste the embed code on the backend of your website webpage.
  • Save the changes made and Instagram Post will be embedded on your website

Hence, Reload your webpage and Instagram Feed will be live, embedded on your website.

Benefits of embedding Instagram on your website

There are many benefits of embedding Instagram Feed on your website, such as:

  • Increase Engagement
  • Display Social Proof
  • Increase social reach
  • Boost Awareness
  • Generate UGC
  • Influence users to make decisions and many more.


This blog takes you through to simple methods to embedding Instagram Feed on your website and the best part is you don’t need any coding or technical skills to do so. Both methods are coding-free that will let you embed Instagram for free in just a few minutes.



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