Top 8 Digital Marketing Strategies that’ll kickstart your Startups

Digital Marketing Strategies

Digital Marketing Strategies: Marketing plays a vital part in business growth. In the pandemic, digital marketing has grown exponentially in the past two years. 

In India, new StartUps like Nykaa, CoinSwitch Kuber have grown a lot faster due to the digital marketing tactics.

But not all are successful in garnering the growth of the newborn companies due to the low-grade digital marketing strategies. Not everyone hits the bulls’ eye. 

Did you know 90% of the StartUps fail in the first few years and shut down within five years? Are you planning to own a StartUp in the coming years and want to go successful or upscale your startup? Then you are at the right place. Today I will be sharing 8 top digital marketing strategies that will help kickstart your start-up.

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Without further ado, let’s dive in;

To begin with, let’s know what is meant by digital marketing strategy?

What is a digital marketing strategy?

A digital marketing strategy is a form of framework that is designed to meet the specific marketing goals through online channels, campaigns and set a budget aside to meet those goals.

Digital marketing is really wide. You should know your strategy that applies to your start-up instead of wasting your efforts and getting little results upon it. On the other hand, if your digital marketing strategies are right upon the mark you can increase your customer base, survive, even thrive as a business and get successful. 

To know which are the right strategies for your start-up just keep reading the post and seek knowledge to upgrade your business.


List of Top 8 Digital Marketing Strategies for Start-ups

  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Email Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Referral Marketing

Social Media Marketing (SMM):

To start with, one of the best digital marketing strategies is social media marketing. Every other person is on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook. Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn, and many more. 

Every successful start-up influences social media marketing and gains a lot of attraction from the youth to the old audience. Every product or service can be sold on social media platforms through the identification of the target audience well-versed for the company. 

In this step of social media marketing strategy, there are several characters to look upon to form a perfect startup growth strategy.

Here is the list of the top five characters of social media marketing,

Content Calendar

 the content calendar is to describe the pattern of the posts to be posted on social media channels. A content calendar is a must for any company in today’s world. With the dates in the calendar, each post is planned specifically to enhance the growth of these social media accounts by increasing the followers, engagement, views leading to increasing the customer base. 

Content calendar needs to be planned and run campaigns to attract more people to our Company. The content calendar consists of post stories videos by mixing up the content bucket. A content bucket is a set of ideas to be posted to engage the audience.

Content bucket carries ideas like helpful, meme style posts, inspirational, educational, relatable, funny, occasional/special day posts, current affairs or topical based, and even campaign based posts work like magic on social media platforms.

Content calendar and content bucket help the company stay organized and consistent on the channels.

Paid Advertisements

 organic growth does take time but paid advertisements to keep the brand on top of the mind of people. For example, Sugar, a cosmetic brand, keeps advertising their sales and products on Facebook and Instagram to get more sales and keep their brands and people’s mind whenever they think about a cosmetic brand.

Platforms like Facebook and Instagram help the brands to run ads depending upon their budget.

The image represents the objectives you achieve through Facebook and Instagram ads.

Companies can target a wide range of audiences from the age group to gender to location to interests, behavior to custom-based targeting. To attract a larger audience and get more leads, create a kick-ass creative that says all the information but with minimal text. Have a great ad copy that sells. 

To advertise on Facebook and Instagram you just need to have One business account on Facebook and an Instagram account. It’s easier to manage ads from a business manager account so create one.

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Paid advertisement plays a vital role in not missing it because it gives the best results.


 Remarketing is one of the best digital marketing strategies that every advertiser adopts because the conversion rate through remarketing is crazy. 

Why remarketing? Remarketing is a terrific source to make the audience purchase the product that they have shown an interest in the early advertising or through the engagement of the posts. 

In remarketing we target people who have shown interest earlier in the product and keep advertising the product until they make the purchase. This way the conversion rate of the product or service increases drastically helping the company’s sales move up.

If you are not following up or re-targeting those audiences you are missing a lot of your profits.

Facebook and Instagram also allow you to promote a post that you have already posted on social media without worrying about any Ad Creative.

Instant Replies & Chatbots

in the world of automation, instant replies and chatbots are incredible sources to make your task easier. You can communicate with the audience 24/7 without much hassle. You can set up chatbots on Facebook without any cost for instant replies to be sent to the audience for a faster process and not letting customers wait.

These are some important characteristics of social media marketing to be covered by every start-up to grow exponentially.

Before following the above characters, you need to define a goal that you want to achieve by identifying the duration and allocating a set budget across the different social media channels to give a kickstart to social media marketing.

Then give the mix of these characters to the social media channels and keep a timely analysis of data through the insight tabs or using some third-party apps like not just analytics.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM):

Search engine marketing is the top best digital marketing strategy. A startup can use search engine marketing to get instant results. Start-ups can run ads in search engines like Google, Yahoo, Microsoft Bing.

People love Google. To get any information people search on google. Don’t you do it? Crazily, to know more about google we search on google.

The best part about search engine marketing is that you compete directly with the top brands of your industry in search engines with a set budget. 


Pay-per-click advertising is one of the ways to bring visitors to the website and get visitors converted.

Pay-per-click advertising is a must for e-commerce start-ups or any company for that matter. You can run search-based ads, display ads, shopping ads with the help of Google ad words, Google ads planner, Google keyword planner, and many more such know more about the benefits of google ads check this link.

Search engine marketing has various advantages which are listed below;

  • One can start with a lower budget as low as ₹100 INR and get results but the higher the budget, the higher is your return on investment and higher sales.
  • You can easily reach your target audience with the right ad.
  • The interested people only click on the ad which leads to high ROI.
  • Higher and better conversion rates.
  • You can control your budget to be spent on a campaign.
  • All the data and insights are available in the given platform itself to optimize the ads and let them work better. 

Tip – Always optimize your search engine ads to gain more conversions and keep a check.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO):

We all want our website and blogs to rank at the top on the Google search results pages. This is possible only through search engine optimization.

Search engine optimization means making the best use of the content, keyword research, On-page, and Off-page SEO techniques, and other 200 factors on your website to appear on the top of Search Engine Result Pages (SERP).

SEO is one of those digital marketing strategies where one doesn’t require to pay anything from their pockets but needs to work hard and get organic reach on your website.

Here in SEO, the older the domain of your website the higher your blogs and website will rank on SERP. It’s a long-term and continuous process that one has to invest in. 

To get the best results of search engine optimization, startups need to follow both on-page and off-page techniques. 

The start-up should follow these on-page SEO techniques such as block title, page title, meta description, URL structure, header tags, keyword density, keyword frequency, LSI keywords, unique content, adding internal and external links, images, bold & italic texts to rank higher.

Some of the off-page SEO techniques to create backlinks are guest posts, Quora posts, Web 2.0, blog commenting, bookmarking, image submissions, internal blogs, Google my business posts, and many more.

It might be a long-term process but the ROI is higher. 

Email Marketing:

Email marketing is the foundation of the digital marketing strategies in the marketing mix. 

A study has found that email campaigns have a return on investment (ROI) of $44 on each dollar spent. Email marketing is one of the strong marketing strategies that deliver a personal note to the audience.

Through email marketing, the company can share new products or services, offers, launches, helpful content, or even broadcast news. 

Across the companies or businesses, email marketing is a source of communication between them.

All started adopting email marketing but they are highly efficient and have good conversion rates compared to other sources.

To start email marketing, build a good quality list of emails either manually or by running lead generation ads on Facebook and Instagram. You can also offer a free trial demo or PDFs or e-books to build your email list.

You can use incredible tools like Active Campaign, Aweber, Convert kit & many more to run email campaigns.

Best tips to create successful email marketing campaigns are as follows;
  • The emails must be catchy, short, and crisp.
  • Break the content into small paragraphs or bullets by including subheadings.
  • The font size of the emails should not be more than 20-24.
  • Attach your brand logo and use your brand colors to let the audience remember your brand.
  • Do not bombard or spam your audience by sending emails frequently. 3-to 4 emails are enough in a week.

Video Marketing:

By video marketing, I mean YouTube marketing. Youtube is a tremendous platform to market your videos.

People love to watch visuals more than reading and there are two 65 million active users on YouTube in India. Start-ups are not considering video marketing as one of the digital marketing strategies. But with the changing era, every company with the help of content creators can market their product or services to grow their business. 

You can have your channel and showcase your company’s work culture, products, services, relatable & funny content that people love to watch can help garner brand awareness. 

You just have to make sure that the videos are consistent, informative, funny and engaging with attractive appeals.

Through YouTube marketing, you can also start advertising video ads that gain more attention than search-based ads.

Influencer Marketing:

In the time of the pandemic, influencer marketing has grown at a rapid pace and has seen tremendous results. Influencer marketing is where the brand contacts content creators who have a good number of followers, reach, engagement to market our products or services across social media channels. Influencer marketing is also a paid source and one of the results-driven digital marketing strategies. The brand can combine different sources like collaboration, barter deals, paid ads, gifts et cetera to reach a wider audience.

Types of Influencers

There are different influencers in different social media channels and you find your potential influencer by knowing their audience and finding the right one by matching your target audience.

For example

if your brand sells skincare products then find influencers who are involved in fashion or beauty or make-up-related industries. Because these influencers suit your product.

The image represents how Masoom Minawala, an influencer, is collaborating with Swarovski Jewellery to promote their jewelry.

Influencer marketing is the new normal here to stay for the long term. It is an era of micro and macro influencers to rule the digital platforms.

How does influencer marketing work?

The brand needs to find a potential influencer that fits their target audience and collaborate with that influencer for a paid amount to share the USP of your brand’s product/service.

Content Marketing:

Content marketing is a highly effective digital marketing strategy to grow your start-up. 

It is a mix of strategies that we have already discussed above. It is a method where we provide valuable, informative, and relative content on our website and social media platforms. 

Content marketing is done to engage with your audience and provide value for free to get organic traffic and convert the traffic into our customers. It is a lengthy process and won’t give you results overnight. You have to stay consistent with your brand by creating rich content.

To achieve great results in content marketing, your start-up needs to be consistent by updating your niche topics regularly. This can be done in the form of blogs, posts, and videos. The biggest benefit that content marketing gains are trust and authority for your brand.

Referral marketing:

Referral marketing is one of the new forms of digital marketing strategies. it is a process of asking your audience to promote your product or service to their family and friends and in return share an incentive or reward to that specific audience.

For example

CoinSwitch Kuber, A cryptocurrency application Advertised to their audience in a way where. If they share their unique link with their friends and their friends download the app. The company offers them cryptocurrency for a small amount as a bonus. 

Referral marketing might be a small investment but has got a higher ROI than any other form of digital marketing strategy. 

With the help of influencer marketing. A word could be spread across the channels and incentivize the customers through those influencers. This way the product spreads in a larger dimension bringing in sales.

In this digital era, for any start-up to gain attraction, audience. And customers you must follow all of the above digital marketing strategies.


There are a lot more strategies to build your start-up from the base. but you have to be smart enough to choose your digital marketing strategies By choosing the right channels, understanding your audience. Their behavior, and the nature of your business.

Create a funnel for implementing these strategies in the right manner to get optimum use of your resources.

You need to break the shackles of the old marketing stereotypes that don’t work much like the way digital marketing does in the future.

If you think digital marketing is not your game. You can completely hire a company to manage all your digital marketing needs.



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