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How can ChatBots Supplement your Content Marketing Strategy

Chatbots are influencing the world of content marketing rapidly by delivering a personalized customer experience. Did you know it’s possible to create your own chatbot characters reflecting your brand’s value and respond to customers at the same time? Yes, marketers have started using chatbots in their marketing strategy in various stages of the customer journey and generating great results. So let’s dive into the role of chatbot in content marketing and see how it can empower your strategy:

1: Personalized Experience

This one’s very obvious. Chatbots are known for their personalization. They can help you share content that’s relevant to the needs of the potential client. This would leave a positive impact on user experience and save you time as well.

The best thing about chatbots is that they enable users to find your content quickly. Create a smart chatbot that filters through your existing content and give your customers what they need. Suppose, you are offering mortgage recruiters and IT recruitment services at the same time. If a customer wants to learn about your solutions in the mortgage industry, the bot can redirect them to those resources. As a result, the customer will be able to make a decision there and then.

2: Tap into the New Way of Content Distribution

Reaching your customers is not as simple as it used to. That’s why every company nowadays is tapping into multiple channels for distributing their content. To grab customer attention, why not share your content on the platforms your customers hang out the most like Instagram, Facebook, as well as Snapchat?

Here, a chatbot will be your ideal content delivery tool. It will help you reach your target audience at the right time and place. In other words, it will do all the legwork for you. Take the example of CNN. The company uses Facebook messenger chatbot to offer its users links to their recently published articles. The bot is able to provide useful content to the subscribers matching their interests. This guarantees that the user will click open your article and read it.

3: Improve Your Existing Content Strategy

Chatbot has the potential to improve your existing content model and your overall marketing strategy.  You don’t have to go out of the way to identify the questions your target audience is asking.

Using conversational analytics, you can identify what type of content your customer needs, what are their needs, and in what stage of the customer journey they fall into.

With this information, you can create a customized content experience even outside the chatbot conversation like email marketing. This will improve your brand’s reputation.

4: Humanize your Brand

Sounds sarcastic. How can a bot add a human touch to your brand? Well, you can by the use of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. The bot doesn’t have to sound like a bot. Add a human touch to the automated response by incorporating humor. You can stay respectful, cheesy, and formal at the same time yet deliver the message in a way that the customer on the other end feels like they are talking to a real person.

Remember that quick access to relevant content makes a brand useful whereas the personality of the bot makes it memorable. Therefore, strive to be memorable.

5: Leading the Customer through the Sales Funnel

Were you thinking about how a chatbot guides a customer through the sales journey? It’s simple. A chatbot talks to the customer about their needs. Suppose you run a flower shop. Instead of browsing through your deals, wouldn’t it be easier for the customer to tell the bot their budget and occasion for which flowers are needed to suggest them a perfect bouquet? I think so too.

If you haven’t added a chatbot to your content marketing strategy, you are missing big opportunities. Lead them through your funnel by making them ask questions and offer them what they need. There’s no way this could go wrong.

6: Higher Engagement

So many brands are struggling to get optimal results from their ad campaigns. Either the ads aren’t engaging enough or they fail to engage with their customers through the ads.

For your organic Facebook marketing, consider using Facebook bot autoresponder. This bot will respond to the customers when leaving comments on your posts and when they ping you on messenger. You would just have to set up messages for common queries and you’re done.

Let’s say you are creating a post about your webinar and in the caption, you say, “Comment here to book your post.” A user comments that they want to join. The autoresponder bot will send them a message on their Facebook messenger for a link to join the webinar. As your engagement rates improve, so will the results of your campaigns.


It’s time you add chatbots to your content marketing mix and take it to the next levels in the form of better engagement and sales. If you are a staffing agency and a customer lands on your Facebook page, send them a link to your blog on talent acquisition strategies, introducing them to the novel ways your agency can help them.



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