Ideas To Boost Virtual Conference Engagement In 2022

Virtual Conference

Virtual Conference: Engagement in virtual conferences and events is a major challenge for event organizers due to the lack of personal touch in online platforms.

If you are also planning to organize a virtual conference but have no idea how to engage your audience, then don’t worry.

In this article, we will discuss the ideas and share tips that you can use to boost engagement and make your next virtual conference memorable for your audience.

Top Ideas to Improve Audience Engagement in Virtual Conference

1: Create a Better Experience for Your Audience with Goodies

In-person virtual conferences are different because of the personal experience they provide to the attendees. But you can still make your virtual conference audience feel special by sending them goodies.

You can create itineraries and parcel the hampers to them, or else you can send e-goodies and freebies instead. These small acts make your audience feel special and actively participate in the virtual conference.

2: Bring Engagement with a Social wall

These days it’s difficult to detach people from social media, as it has become one of the favorite hangout places for people.

While they are at your virtual conference, they could be scrolling through their social media feeds! But what you can do is bring social media feeds to your virtual conference so that their focus is entirely on your event.

Adding a social media feeds wall to your virtual conference room is very easy with the help of tools and social media aggregators.

You can show different types of social feeds on your virtual event social wall. Some of the social walls you can create are:

  • Show your brand’s social media content
  • Show your brand’s reviews and UGC
  • Social media content related to your conference topic
  • Show thought-leadership social media content of your speakers/guests to introduce them to the audience

You can even select an event hashtag specifically for your virtual conference and promote it, so your audience can use it while sharing live feeds from the conference on social media. You can easily aggregate the posts using the event hashtag and show them on your social wall. 

3: Involve the audience in conversation with a Live Q/A

People attend virtual conferences mainly to hear the top voices of the industry. They want to get some insights from them and get a chance to interact with them.

So you should give a platform to your audience to directly ask their queries and questions from the speakers and guests.

Mention that there will be a Q/A session in the virtual conference to get your audience excited about the event. Live Q/A session takes time, so ensure that you keep sufficient time for your audience to ask their questions. 

4: Listen to your audiences’ views with live polls

A live poll is an underrated feature in virtual conferences. Your event will be boring without two-way communication, and if you wait for the Q/A you have planned in between or at the end of the conference. Then you are making a big mistake.

It is important to keep the audience engaged throughout the virtual conference, and live polls are one of the best ways to do it. 

Live polls give the moderator and speaker insights into what the audience is feeling. What interests them the most, and what are their views on the discussion topic of the virtual conference.

5: Create a space like Virtual Photo Booth

Photo booths are a hit in the offline event industry, and you can create a similar space where your audience can enjoy your virtual conference.

Create a virtual photo booth with themed designs so your audience can click some good snaps and share them on social media.

6: Keep the Conference Alive with Contests and Leaderboards

Host contests and competitions related to your virtual conference theme to keep the ambiance lively at the virtual conference.

You can also create and share a leader scoreboard to hype the competitiveness of the audience.

7: Chat with your audience 

Today, many tools allow you different options in the chat feature. You can open chats between the attendees as well to allow networking opportunities for them.

Adding a few of your team members to the chat is also a great way to moderate the chats. They can also address the queries of your attendees directly and keep them engaged.

We hope these ideas will inspire you to plan activities that will make your virtual conference engaging and successful.

8: Create the buzz and heighten the excitement level with countdowns

If you are hosting an exciting virtual conference, then a good way to keep your audience on their toes and excited for the next activity is to use countdowns on your display screens. 

Live countdowns are useful in building up the anticipation of the audience. You can add some exciting elements to the next lined-up activity. And then show the countdown to keep your audience waiting with excitement to discover the surprise.


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