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5 success stories of brands that have used Pinterest Ads

Although it may not be the social network that is most talked about in digital marketing, the truth is that Pinterest offers very interesting possibilities and its ads can be a great help to achieve different objectives. In this article, we are going to see it with 5 success stories that show us everything you can achieve with Pinterest ads.

5 success stories of Pinterest Ads

1) Haagen-Dazs: Online sales

The Spirits collection by Haagen-Dazs gives a twist to the traditional concept of ice cream and makes it an adult pleasure, as the flavors are designed to be combined with alcoholic beverages. Looking ahead to the summer of 2019, the brand wanted to present this new range of products to ice cream lovers.

To increase brand awareness and drive sales, Häagen-Dazs used a combination of keyword and interest-based targeting. The first option shows ads in users’ home feeds based on their hobbies and tastes, while the second shows them to people who have searched for specific terms and are ready to take action.

By combining these two segmentations, Häagen-Dazs targeted an audience potentially interested in their products and who were already searching for ice cream-related content on Pinterest.

This Pinterest Ads campaign managed to increase the sales of the entire Häagen-Dazs catalog by 3% and double the advertising return. Following this success, the marketing team has updated the launch communication strategy for its upcoming products.

Samsung: Notoriety

Samsung took advantage of Pinterest Ads capabilities to launch its new washers with a strategic combination of video formats to increase awareness and drive sales.

The campaign was implemented in two main phases. The first used full-screen video pins, which are four times the size of standard pins. This helped the brand reach a relevant audience based on search topics such as interior decoration, thereby increasing product awareness.

The second phase focused on the publication of four videos in a standard format, each 10 seconds long, with the aim of bringing qualified traffic to the page.

The videos allowed to give a more creative touch to the strategy, at the same time that they were directed to an audience with a clear purchase intention. The results speak for themselves: an average reproduction ratio of 40%, an increase in the notoriety of 25%, and a 23% increase in purchase intention.

La Mer: Consideration

La Mer is a famous brand of skin care products inspired by marine ingredients. Their goal was to be the first British brand to launch a targeted sample campaign on Pinterest Ads, in order to attract new customers and increase the number of reviews on their website.

The campaign used full-screen videos to show the benefits of the 5 textures of its moisturizers. And help customers understand which one was the most suitable for their needs. The videos were aligned with every day and seasonal moments, taking advantage of changes in time to be more relevant.

The campaign performed well in different phases of the conversion funnel. Reviews on the website doubled, showing that the campaign helped improve awareness and sales. In addition, the campaign had 4 times more interactions than the average for Pinterest.

Structube: Conversions

Structube is a Canadian furniture brand that already had previous experience with Pinterest. Ads, as they had a permanent campaign targeting keywords. They then decided to add shopping ads to help incentivize conversions and get more users to buy.

To save time and effort, Structube uploaded its product catalog to Pinterest. The platform transformed this catalog into ads with text. And images so that the brand saved the work of designing creatives from scratch.

Structube also adapted its ads to suit the behavior of Pinterest users. They knew that people seek inspiration to decorate their house room by room. So they configured the campaigns to match the keywords searched by users. In addition, their ads featured both individual products and entire rooms. So that users could imagine what Structube furniture would look like in their homes.

The campaign was a huge success, as the return on advertising investment was double the industry average in Canada.

Scotch & Soda: conversions

Scotch & Soda is an Amsterdam-born fashion brand whose collections for men, women, and children are characterized by their creativity.

Since fashion is a very relevant interest category for Pinterest users, this platform was ideal for Scotch & Soda. Also, since this network is focused on discovery, it fits perfectly with the brand’s values ​​of individuality and self-expression.

Scotch & Soda decided to launch a performance-focused Pinterest Ads campaign in collaboration with Smartly.io (its media creativity and automation partner) and Wavemaker Greenhouse (its results agency). They wanted to find out if ads on Pinterest could generate income. And if they had more effect on the top or bottom of the funnel.

The campaign was mainly based on shopping ads. As they allowed them to take better advantage of the “moment of purchase”. And helped them appear in related searches, which contributed to increase conversions.

Shopping ads were combined with image templates. Which helped make the pins stand out. The campaign was segmented through similar interests and audiences to reach fashion-loving users.

The results were a success: 800,000 users reached and a return on advertising spending 7 times higher than previous campaigns.



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